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Chicken Drumsticks




•Chicken drumsticks – 5-6 pieces
•Ginger garlic paste – 1 tbsp.
•Red chilli paste – 1 tbsp.
•Red chilli powder – 1 tsp.
•Freshly ground black pepper – 1 tsp.
•Egg – 1 full
•Cornflour – 5 tbsp.
•Oil – for deep frying


•Wash and pat dry chicken pieces.
•To prepare chiken pieces, remove the ligaments, keep the skin on but pulling the skin back, hold 1 egde and tenderize the meat on the other end by slightly pricking the meat with a sharp knife, take car not to break the bone or the meat to come off, pull back the skin down over the meat.
•Apply little pepper all over. and keep aside.

For the batter:

•Take a mixing bowl, beat the egg. add cornflour, mix well, add all the ingredients and prepare the batter, now add the chicken pieces to the batter,coat well and leave in a refrigirator to marinate for atleast half an hour. If you wish you can add 1 pinch orange-red food colour.
•Heat kadai or a deep sauce pan, with enough room for all the pieces to be fried, add oil heat well (but oil should not smoke), to test the oil just drop a pinch of the batter , it should rise to the top immediately.
•Add the chicken pieces to the oil and deep fry on medium heat for atleast 12-15 mins. turning in between.
•Drain on paper towels. Serve as you wish, even as a snack or as a starter or an accompaniment.


By Kezia Mary


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