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Mango Pickle


Mango Pickle


Raw firm mangoes – 4 large (approx 5 cups of pieces)
Salt – 1 cup levelled
Red chili powder – 1 cup heaped
Turmeric powder – 1 tbsp
Raw methi seeds powder – 1/2 cup
Raw mustard seeds powder – 1 cup
Garlic – 8-10 pods
Oil – 2 cups

For tempering
Take the oil mentioned above,heat and add 1tsp methi seeds and 1 tsp mustard seeds.Turn of heat and let cool.


1.Place the raw mangoes in a big bowl of water for 1/2 hour-wash thoroughly,clean well near stems and wipe with a clean and dry cloth.Cut stem area and discard.
2.Now cut into half,if seed is so hard and remove seed.And cut each half into 6-8 pieces along with the shell or cut with out shell to have soft pieces.
3.Measure with a cup,it comes approx.5 cups of pieces,cut all the mangoes and cover a cloth and keep.
4.Use the same cup for measuring all the powders mentioned above.In a big clean and dry glass bowl add all the powder spices and mix well with a dry spoon,add mango pieces and peeled garlic pods and mix well to coat and cover cloth again till tempered oil is cooled.
5.While preparing oil for tempering,oil should not smoke but to correct temperature and add methi,mustard seeds and cool.Then add to the mango pieces and mix well slowly and combine well.Cover with the cloth and tie near the rim of the bowl tightly-keep in a dark place away from water.
6.Take out after one day and mix well,cover and keep back,then again on the third day open and mix well and transfer to a ceramic or glass jar with lid.Keep it air tight,you may start using it right away after a week.


CAUTION: Always be careful not to dip any wet spoon or water drops to get in contact with the pickle.

HINT: Always maintain a layer of oil on top to increase the shelf life.
Taste increases as the pickle gets matured day by day.

HOMEMADE PICKLE…..ALWAYS TASTES BETTER….With a touch of a mother….Try this….You will never buy again…

By Kezia Mary.


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