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Coconut Powder

Home dried Coconut

Take a fresh coconut and break into half and remove water and place in the refrigerator till it dehydrates and then use .Here I just kept it in the kitchen for a week without breaking and when tried to break open to remove shell it came out whole in shape and so I cut into half.

To prepare powder

Home dried Coconut Powder

Coconut Powder

Normally we can make this with dry coconut readily available in the market,somtimes it may not be fresh enough. So I dried the fresh coconut in my refrigerator…Just break open the whole fresh coconut and keep in the fridge door section for 2-3 days .Then grate,you get nice and soft curls,just add salt,red chili powder and garlic pods 2-3 and make coarse powder.

This Coconut powder can be used in fries or like chutney powder .



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