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Butterfly Prawns in Garlicky Butter

This is a tasty and easy to prepare seafood recipe,only effort is to prepare prawns into the desired shape.This can be served as a starter or in maincourse with any fried rice  with saucy curry or raitha and salad.using butter enhances the taste of this dish.
Jumbo Prawns – 10-12
Butter – 1 stick
Garlic cloves – 2 big grated
Fresh red chilli – 1 chopped
Salt and Pepper – for seasoning

Grated garlic and Chopped fresh red chilli

Clean the prawns,by removing shell and keep the tail intact,devein on both sides bottom and on top,the top one is the digestive system which is to be completely removed,wash well and then slightly slit in the centre  to widen the prawn and make a small incision  in the middle and bring out the tail portion up as shown.
Sprinkle salt and pepper powder and keep.

Prepared Prawns


Heat up a pan and add butter as it starts to melt,add the grared garlic and chopped red chilli and saute 2 mins and place the tail side down of the prawns on the pan fry for 4-5 mins on each side and they are done.that’s it…

Remove the prawns on to a platter,deglaze the pan by just a sprinkle of a tsp of water and pour it over the prawns,by deglazing you get all the goodness of the fried garlicky butter on to your Butterfly Prawns.

Serve with Garlic pilaf .

Butterfly Prawns with Garlic Pilaf


 Garlic Pilaf is easy to prepare Rice dish,Just cool the cooked white rice and keep.

Then heat a wok and add oil,add  finely minced garlic cloves and finely chopped onion and saute till slightly transluscent and add finely chopped chives or spring onion,sprinkle salt and pepper and turn off heat.add the cooked and cooled rice and combine well.garlic pilaf is ready to go.

Garlic Pilaf


If you wish to serve with any other rice recipe…See RICE SPECIALS Category for idea.


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