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Ponganalu - Savoury dosa batter Snack

 This was and is my favourite snack,this is prepared with dosa batter and adding a few other ingredients enhances the flavour and taste of this dish.I got to see this Pan in the mall and remembered the taste I had when I was a child  and was really  been thinking of this many times……But…there is time for everything…. so now got the pan and prepared this dish..with my own favourite ingredients…this turned out to be soo..tasty…as it was printed Paniyaram Pan on the pan….I searched for the meaning and its the tamil word…Kuzhi Paniyaram chatti…..means the pan with holes to prepare paniyaram .This is prepared either Sweet or Savoury and in different ways…with leftover Idly Batter,semolina ,besan,mix veg cutlet mixture……it goes on and with sweet version can use plain flour with milk,jaggery,banana,coconut……so give it a try….they are so cute and can be served as snack or breakfast….sooo…Go get your Pans Ready…..you’ll regret for not doing it so…all these days….Years….like me..This is called by many names…Paddu,Appe,Gulittu,Pongadalu,Gundponglu,Guliappa…paniyaram…Guntha Ponganalu…in telugu.

Lets do this…all you need is



Dosa Batter  – 1 cup nicely fermented  and slightly thick

Chana dal/Garbanzo – 2 tbsps soaked

Green chilli – 1 deseeded and finely minced

Curry leaves – few finely chopped

Onion – 1 med finely chopped

Cumin seeds/Jeera – 1/4 tsp


Baking soda – a pinch

Oil – for preparation

We need this Paniyaram Pan

Paniyaram Pan


Take the mixing bowl and mix all the ingredients to dosa batter and keep.

Pour 1/4 tsp of oil into each slot and place on the heat,as it gets hot pour the prepared batter with a medium teaspoon into each and keep the flame med to low.

As they brown  they move easily,use a wooden skewer and turn each one slowly to cook the other side drop a few drops of oil through the sides and when browned remove with the skewer by just pressing in and lifting up…they are done.

Ponganalu in the Pan


Make in batches…Serve hot with your fav chutney…See Chutney recipes in the Chutneys and Pickles Category

Savoury Paniyaram


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