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Hi…Welcome to My Home Tastes…thank you for visiting my blog…If you are looking for healthy and delicious  homemade  food…You of course have stepped into the right place.

Im a simple homemaker and love cooking for my family.My Mom is a good cook and hope its all in the genes ,cooking and collecting recipes is my passion and I enjoy it,Not only this but God gave me a few talents I hope .Coz Im good at  Sewing without any training I learnt at home as we had a sewing machine and I could run a small Botique in Karnataka with Girls dresses and many more with my own designs. I also love to indulge myself in candle making,flower making ,paper crafts,pot painting,scrapbooking and quilting .The last one is in my wishlist to learn and do it for myself.All these bring joy when I  indulge in doing…Coming to Cooking…I try my best to create a new taste with my recipes by using different blends of spices and cooking and adding ingredients in different levels  of the process which in turn  gives different flavours and tastes which you can find in my recipes.

I love gardening too and wish I could grow my fresh herbs and few vegetables but now it is not possible,as I live in a dessert land in U.A.E and in an apartment…Im From India,Andhra Pradesh and I love South Indian Food…And all Indian cuisine cause there is something to be learnt,tried and to be tasted ..I learnt few karnataka,kerala,Tamilnadu,Indo chinese,Arabic and few Italian and American Dishes..Which I’ll be sharing in this blog..

As Im from India and Especially from Andhra I love to share my home tastes first…all Andhra Specials. And its the food I cook in my kitchen. And called it as My Home Tastes.Andhra food  includes Biryanis,Pulaos,Pickles,Chutneys,Sambhars,Dals,Mutton or chicken specials, Green leafy Curries,Vegetable curries and Gravies,Sweets and Breakfast items and many more…

Home made food always satisfies your family and friends,I use simple ingredients and spices to make even restaurant style dishes and they taste no different than in a restaurant.Try and see you will enjoy.

Coming to the blog and pictures and all the contents in this blog are Uncopyrighted…That means it can be shared but please keep in mind that there is lot of hard work and effort in presenting this to you all.All the pictures of the recipes,vegetables and ingredients are taken by me in the middle of busy home schedules and home chores with three kids and husband.My husband and kids help me and support me and made my wish come true to start this blog.This pictures can be shared but make sure to give credit to this blog  and I’ll be happy to have your kind comments and suggestions..I may not reply you soon but I’ll make sure to go through and reply as the time permits.Thanks for Visitng .

I thank all my dear friends and family members who have extended their support and encouragement to do this.

Share this blog with your friends in the community to taste healthy recipes ,and I encourage home cooking……Happy Cooking…..

Love to hear feedback when you try my home tastes recipes.

By Kezia Mary.


12 Comments Add yours

  1. Esther Vasa says:

    This is coming along so well… I keep checking from time to time! Keep up this great work, Mary.

    1. Kezia Mary says:

      Thank you Esther…..

  2. Peter Samuel says:

    I was introduced to your blog by your husband. I went thru your blog and found that it was worth visiting, but truly speaking I did not try anything yet. I would suggest you to make videos and post on your blog itself and on You may reach to more people.
    Yes, I would like to try the Brinjal/ egg plant biryani once!

  3. Sunita says:

    Just got to see your blog awesome chitti ! Way to go God bless you ❤

  4. madhav says:

    very nice your recipies and d way of making that recipies

    1. madhavi says:

      very nice your recipies and d way of making that recipies

      1. Kezia Mary says:

        Thank you Madhavi.

  5. meahanaz says:


  6. jeba says:

    Amazing blog 🙂

  7. Suzanne says:

    I just discovered your blog and iam thrilled.I was lookin out for authentic andhra recipes and iam glad my search has ended. My whole family thanks you for your lipsmacking recipes.

    1. Kezia Mary says:

      Thank you and enjoy home cooking

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