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Biryani Masala

 Ingredients For Biryani Masala

Ingredients For Biryani Masala

For Biryani Masala
•Bayleaf – 1
•Cinammon – 2 inch piece
•Cloves – 5
•Green cardomom – 5
•Black cardomom – 1 large
•Black pepper corns – 1/2 tsp.
•Shajeera – 1 tsp.
•Fennel – 1/2 tsp.
•Cumin – 1/2 tsp.
•Mace – 1
•Nutmeg – 1 pinch
•Staranise – 3 petals

Dry roast all these ingredients and make into powder.
This will make approx. 1 tbsp of biryani masala.

Biryani masala powder

Biryani masala powder

Use this biryani masala for Chicken Biryani or Mutton Biryani or even for Vegetable Biryani.

See Recipes for Brinjal Biryani….The vegetarian special.


Coconut Powder

Home dried Coconut

Take a fresh coconut and break into half and remove water and place in the refrigerator till it dehydrates and then use .Here I just kept it in the kitchen for a week without breaking and when tried to break open to remove shell it came out whole in shape and so I cut into half.

To prepare powder

Home dried Coconut Powder

Coconut Powder

Normally we can make this with dry coconut readily available in the market,somtimes it may not be fresh enough. So I dried the fresh coconut in my refrigerator…Just break open the whole fresh coconut and keep in the fridge door section for 2-3 days .Then grate,you get nice and soft curls,just add salt,red chili powder and garlic pods 2-3 and make coarse powder.

This Coconut powder can be used in fries or like chutney powder .


Homemade Sambhar/Charu Powder

Ingredients For Sambhar/Charu Powder

Things We Need to prepare sambhar powder

Toor Dal/Pigeon Pea/Kandi Pappu – 3tbsps

Chana Dal/Split Garbanzo/Senaga Pappu – 3 tbsps

Coriander/Dhaniya/Dhaniyalu  seeds – 2 tbsps

Cumin/Jeera/Jeerlakarra – 1 tsp

Black Pepper/Miriyalu/kali mirch – 1/2 tsp

Methi/Menthulu/fenugreek seeds – 1/4 tsp

Dry Red Chillies – 10-12

Hing/Asefotida – 2 pinches (optional)


Heat a dry pan and roast toor dal and chana dal till give nice aroma in your kitchen,Slightly brown and remove .

In the same pan dry roast cumin,fenugreek,coriander and pepper  for a couple of mins.Be careful not to over fry and burn as they splutter take out of the pan and cool.

Again in the same pan add red chillies and stir for a min and remove .Cool all the ingredients and make fine powder using mixer jar spice jar.

Homemade Sambhar/Charu Powder

Cool and store in an air tight container,this can be used for about 3-4 times in sambhars or charu with tomato or drumsticks.

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