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Salad On Skewers (My Style)

Salad on skewers


Serving Salad My way….Salad on Skewers

Salad is a best way of serving raw vegetables or fruits ,vegetables and fruits,or mixing both and many different combinations and varieties can be done according to our tastes and serve in different ways too..

There is no rule like you should add only this and this and this but we can try anything but see which one will go well with other…

Things I used

Cucumber – 1 sliced into roundels
White onion – 1 cut into dices and open each piece
Carrot – 1 peeled and sliced thinly
Beetroot – 1 small peeled and wedges removed to get square shape when you slice
Lemon – 1 cut into rings and then in to four quarters
Red Raddish – 2-3 sliced into roundels

I just skewered all the prepared veggies in order to get colourful bunch and can be served easily and you get all the variety of things used.

It is good and delicious if served along with a dip…Avacado Dip…or Hammus..or Garlic Cilantro  Mayo.


Onion Cucumber Tomato Salad

Onion Cucumber Tomato Salad

Onion – 1 large peeled and sliced

Tomato – 1 deseeded and chopped

Cucumber  – 2 wash and chopped

Green chilli – 1 sliced

Salt and Pepper


Just take a mixing bowl and add all the veggies ,salt and pepper and toss well.Serve immediately.

Keep in mind that if you add salt the veggies start to sweat so avoid salt if not serving rightaway.

Boiled Potato and Chickpea Salad

Boiled Potato and Chickpea Salad

Boiled Potato and Chickpea Salad


For the dressing:
Olive oil – 2 tbsp.
Salt & Pepper – for seasoning
Chat masala – 3 pinches
Lemon juice – 1 tsp.
Parsley or Cilantro (finely chopped) – 1 tbsp.

For Salad:
Onion – 1 large
Cucumber – 2
Tomato – 1 large (peeled and deseeded)
Chickpea – 1/2 cup (soaked and boiled)
Potato – 2 medium (peeled, cubed and boiled)


1. Boil potato and soaked chickpeas seperately with a pinch of salt and turmeric powder, drain and cool.
2. Peel and remove the edges, cut into half and finely slice to get half rings.
3. Cut edges of the cucumbers, cut into half lengthwise, scoop out the seeds, slice to get half circles.
4. Peel the skin, deseed and chop the tomato finely.
5. Take a mixing bowl, and add all the ingredients for the dressing and mix well, and add the salad ingredients to the dressing and toss well to combine and get it coated well.
6. Transfer into a serving salad bowl.

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