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Learning is knowing…

Learning is a continuos process while growing…It Never Stops…Only time varies…as one learns. I mean One may learn it earlier the other Latter…Its that simple…

As this is a Food Blog I would like to share What I learnt and still learning by myself through Cook books and Net  and some through experience and from my Mom…The Best Cook In the Whole world….She can make any dish in no time and Tasty at the same time….Moms are the blessings when they pass on the good things to their daughters…Whatever it may be….Adding to that God gives everyone a Talent..for sure, I believe and Encourage to Know and bring that out…Its simple again…Just Concentrate on what you can do Better…..and do it  yourself….Thats your Talent…And you will enjoy and feel good.

To know about few things I like to share what is it all about International Cuisine,which is also considered as Continental Food.

Continental Food

Food of a particular area or region depends on its climatic conditions and vegetation or cattle farming and Food they eat.

Continental Food could be considered as International Cuisine.….. Particularly  British,Australia,America,Chinese…

Asian…..Indian,Pakistan,Srilanka……Similarity in their Cuisine but different in someway or the other.

Middle East Cuisine ….Includes Lebanese,Morraccan,Afgani….

Italian Cooking..Which is Blend of itself about more than 10 provinces there in Italy make Italian Cuisine.Depending on Climatic conditions and vegetation of the regions….

If ever there is Classic Cooking Style…It has been French Cuisine…Very old, Beautiful presentation,May not be simple but Very Elegant,Full of flavours.

In the modern days,Continental Cuisine has probably come to terms with a blend of all these International Cuisines Together…and all worth of touch of French Class.

Continental Cuisine,in short can be catogarised as cuisine involving…… Bakes,Grills,Stews,Barbeques…..where a lot of fresh herbs are used for flavourings and the chilly factor is minimal….though there are preparations in particular which use the spicest of chillies also.

In this Continental Cuisine we have the Continental menus in particular. Such as… Continental Lunch Menu..consists of Appetizers,Main dish,Side dish and Dessert.

And these Menus differ according to the Different Cuisines..like Italian Dinner Menu is Different from Mexican Dinner menu or Indian Dinner Menu….

I have tried a few and would like to try many which are in my collection of hundreds of recipes…Piled in my kitchen cabinets,have been protecting them since more than 15 years….Happy cooking all of you..Kezia Mary.


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